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Friday, 4 February 2011

Acne and Homeopathy

Acne is a dreaded complaint, especially for many teenagers, sometimes affect their lives greatly.

Homeopathy is perhaps the most effective, and certainly the safest methods of treatment. Conventional medicine use strong chemical agents, in the form of creams and lotions, which can suppress the condition, but usually with only short-term benefits.

So this webpage,, is useful for anyone who suffers from this condition. I outlines the main remedies used in homeopathy to treat the condition, and I have attached the remedy pictures here.

(1) Asterias rubens-
-         Considered as one of the chief dugs for treating acne
-         Itchy acne
-         Skin seems less elastic
-         Acne eruptions with fetid pus
-         Acne rosacea
-         Acne affecting back, shoulders, sides of nose, chin
-         Flabby patient with lymphatic constitution
-         Sycotic diathesis
-         Sexual excitement in both sexes
-         Fear of bad news in adolescent girls
-         Worse coffee, left side

(2) Belladonna-
-         Red hot facial skin
-         Scarlet rash-like acne
-         Suddenly spreading acne lesions
-         Alternate redness and dullness of skin
-         Pustular eruptions on skin
-         Skin feels smoothly red but burns
-         Acne leading to swelling of glands of neck, chin
-         Bluish red acne lesions
-         Shiny red eruptions

(3) Dulcamara-
-         One of the underrated remedies for acne
-         Humid eruptions on face
-         Acne lesions itch, worse in cold wet weather
-         Vesicular eruptions
-         Small boils spreading uniformly across the face, forehead
-         May be associated with warty eruptions on hands and face
-         Acne worse around the menstrual period
-         Mucus membrane affections are often the concomitant
-         Worse by cold in any form, better by warmth

(4) Merc sol-
-         Syphilitic acne
-         Earthy, puffy, dirty-looking face
-         Pustular acne
-         Constantly perspiring skin
-         A big pimple surrounded by many small pimples
-         Itchy eruptions worse from the warmth of bed
-         Eruptions in private parts, buttocks
-         Skin and mucus membranes affected at the same time
-         Yellowing brown or greenish pus from Pustular acne, may be streaked with thin blood
-         Extremely fetid suppuration
-         Worse extremes of temperature, night, dampness, perspiration

(5) Graphites-
-         Cobweb sensation on face is one of the most marked features of Graph
-         Itching pimples
-         Constipated bowels is a frequent accompaniment
-         Rough hard skin of face
-         Persistent dryness of skin
-         Acne oozing out a sticky exudation
-         Pimply eruptions behind ears
-         Unhealthy skin with tendency to suppurate
-         Redness of face
-         Burning acne with think sticky discharges
-         Worse warmth, during and after menses
-         Better in dark room

(6) Bovista-
-         Acne in sensitive girls
-         Crusty eruptions around mouth and nostrils
-         Acne from over-use of cosmetics
-         Swollen look of cheeks
-         Sensitive skin with tendency to leave deep impression with blunt instruments
-         Itchy eruptions
-         May have had an attack of urticaria or tendency to recurrent urticaria
-         Pimples covering the entire body
-         Acne always worse in summer

(7) Radium brom-
-         Acne rosacea with red pimply rashes
-         Small eruptions with itching, burning, swelling, and redness
-         Excessive itching with burning of skin as if on fire
-         Painful pimples
-         Acne with scars that take long time to heal
-         May be associated with itchy dermatitis of skin and/or trophic changes in fingernails
-         Acne seem worse after getting up in the morning
-         Better in open air and hot bath

(8) Arnica-
-         Painful acne with sore bruised feeling in skin
-         Sunken red face with heat feeling on lips
-         Itchy burning pimples
-         Acne may occur in crops; one heals and the new eruption rises near it
-         Indurated acne characterized by symmetry in distribution
-         Bluish look of skin with tendency to form boils
-         Worse by tough, wine

(9) Kali brom-
-         Itchy pimples on face, chest, shoulders, etc
-         Pustular rashes
-         Anesthetic feeling in skin of face and mucus membranes
-         Exaggerated sexual desire in females suffering from acne during menses
-         Extremely fidgety hands is on of the main features of the drug
-         Horrific dreams and grinding of teeth in sleep is often an accompaniment
-         Worse warmth

(10)                    Calcarea sulph-
-         Suppurative tendency of the skin
-         Pustular jagged eruptions with oozing of yellow mucus
-         Facial pimples
-         Unhealthy skin with yellowing scabs
-         Many small pimples under the hair that bleed when scratched
-         Purulent exudations from acne
-         Acne lesions that do not heal fast
-         Pimples around ears with tendency to bleed on scratching

Homeopathy is safe enough to try the best matching remedy, but if this does not work, and homeopathic consultation is advisable. Find a homeopath at