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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Meridia (Reductil). Another dangerous drug.

So, you are overweight, and the GP gives you a drug. That drug increases your risk of heart disease and stroke. Is that a good deal?

So another pharmaceutical drug hits the buffers. Meridia (known as Reductil in the UK, I believe), presumably tested to the satisfaction of the FDA (and the MHRA) to be effective and safe, it has been given to 8 million patients throughout the world; and 13 years have elapsed before 'medical science' eventually decided that it wasn't safe because it caused a 16% increase in heart attacks and stroke.

So the ConMed farce goes on. The drug Reductil has been withdrawn in the USA' and was banned in Europe in January 2010. No doubt the drug will continue to be sold anywhere the drug companies can make a profit on it, at the expense of patients.

And do we hear about it from the government, the NHS, or the mainstream media? Do a web search! The usual silence remains. Drug company profits must not be affected. And to hell with the patient!