Thursday, 25 November 2010

Children, coughs and colds, and ConMed drugs

I hope no-one believes their children are safe from Conventional Medical drugs. In the USA, in 2007, the drug manufacturers agreed to withdraw from the market certain 'over-the-counter' drugs for coughs and colds for children under two years of age - because (in the words of the FDA they caused "serious and potentially life-threatening side-effects". Have a look at this article.

And whilst doing so, ask yourselves these questions.

1. If these drugs, sold without doctor prescription, are dangerous to children under two years old, are they really safe for children aged 3, or 4, or 5? Or for adults, for that matter!
2. If the drug company accepted they were unsafe (they did so by withdrawing them) why did they continue to sell them to patients in other parts of the world? Are they only unsafe in the USA? Are we in the UK protected in some way?
3. Why have people in the UK not been told about this in our mainstream media? Why do the NHS not tell us? Why do doctors not tell us? The silence in deafening.
4. If "emergency rooms have seen 50% less visits from injured or killed babies and toddlers" in the USA have babies and toddlers in the UK continued to appear in our hospitals?
5. If our drug regulator, the MHRA have said these drugs were not safe, why are they allowing them to be sold? Why have they not been withdrawn, as in the USA?

So in one short article we see the problem, and the dangers we face from the NHS-ConMed Establishment. They simply don't tell us the truth. They don't act to protect us. And they don't do so even when they know there is a serious problem. And the UK media are equally quiet.

This is why I say that it is best to avoid all ConMed drugs, and seek safer medical therapies. It seems to be the case that Big Pharma is too big to control; and to corrupt to act in the best interests of patients - even when those patients are babies and children.