Wednesday, 17 November 2010

How spin takes the science out of medicine

Conventional Medicine prides itself on being an "evidence-based" science. Yet most studies on which doctors rely have been created by marketing companies, who are working for Big Pharma.

So says the Magazine 'What doctors don't tell you', usually shortened to WDDTY, is excellent for doing just that - it tells you what you GP does not usually, or willingly tell you. This particular piece can be found at WDDTY Vol 21 No 8. Page 7-8, and examines why it is that for decades we have been led to believe in conventional medicine, and its ability to cure disease.

          "Around 90,000 so-called 'scientific' drug trials, published over the past 10 years in journals, have  been nothing more than public relations (PR) dressed up as research".

WDDTY calls this a scam, that makes a mockery of the idea that conventional medicine is 'scientific', and describes principally the activities of the drug company, Wyeth. Wyeth is being sued by 14,000 women who developed breast cancer after taking its HRT drug, Prempro. They have been forced to reveal 'secret' documents that have shown just how 'scientific' ConMed is.

Yet, as the report says, the Wyeth documents are "but the tip of the iceberg of a practice carried out by most drug companies".

I have written about this before, in The Failure of Conventional Medicine, or more specifically at Medical Science. The failure to protect, where the use of 'cheque-book science', 'ghost' writing, and much more, is described in some detail.

The fact is that ConMed drugs are no more than a confidence trick, a massive deception on patients who are not told the truth, but Government, the NHS, our doctors, and the mainstream media. The dangerous failure of a succession of pharmaceutical drugs, over the last 50-60 years in particular, demonstrates they have no 'evidence base' whatsoever.

The evidence that patients look for is that treatment is effective, and safe. Medical Science has proven itself to be totally ineffective in safeguarding our health; indeed, it has contributed to our ill-health. It is outcomes that are important:
I am ill; I am treated; I get better

It is homeopathy, and other natural CAM therapies, that have provided patients with good outcomes - and this is why so many people are turning to medical therapies that have such an evidence base.