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Thursday 24 June 2010

Cancer and Homeopathy

I have recently been in contact with two ‘cancer survivors’, and their stories are worth telling. Therefore the next 4 blogs will focus on homeopathy and cancer. It will make no claims that “homeopathy cures cancer”, but will centre around the two cases, were in each  ConMed diagnosed terminal cancer, the patients were treated homeopathically, and both got better.

Conventional Medicine often make claims that its drugs can treat cancer, even though there is little or no evidence that it does. Certainly there is little convincing evidence beyond (at best) giving the patient a few additional months of life. But to the extent that it does even this it does so at huge financial cost, and usually at great personal cost in terms of the suffering caused by the treatment.
Many patients with diagnosed cancer seek help from homeopathy, not wanting to go through the well-known additional suffering caused by chemotherapy and radiation treatment. When they do so, and die, medical fundamentalists say that ‘homeopathy killed them’, the implication being twofold:
1. that the diagnosed cancer didn’t kill them, and 
2. that their lives could have been saved had they accepted ConMed treatment. 

This makes it a good opportunity for Conventional Medicine fundemenatlists to claim that homeopathy is ‘dangerous’.
The two cases will demonstrate, at the very least, that more research should be done into the homeopathic treatment of cancer. Indeed, there is a strong case for the NHS to do some serious comparative research on outcomes, using Conventional Medicine, Homeopathy, and indeed other CAM treatments, with the treatment selected for each patient being on the basis of the their personal choices.
Unfortunately, the Conventional Medical monopoly will do no such thing. Indeed, they will usually insist that only their treatments will work and never mention the possibility that alternative treatments may be just, if not more effective, and certainly less traumatic. 

And of course the army of denialists (some of whom regularly litter this blog with their denials) will just dismiss the two cases as ‘anecdotal’ and ‘unscientific’!
No matter. Conventional Medicine routinely dismisses personal experience of successful homeopathic treatment. The self-imposed task of homeophobic denialists is to deny and undermine such cases at any cost. Indeed, as will be seen, conventional medical practitioners, rather than admit that homeopathy has worked will often prefer to claim that they had ‘misdiagnosed’ cancer in the first place! In other words, they will go to any lengths to deny that homeopathy may have had an effect on the outcome!
Such denials are insulting to the individual concerned, effectively calling their experience, and their honesty into question. And it is also a grossly ‘unscientific’ response! After all, the task of real scientists is to explain what is seen to be happening in the world! It is certainly not to say that something happening in front of their eyes is cannot happening.

And what an increasing number of people see happening in the world today, and for the last 200 years, is that millions of people throughout the world, some suffering from serious disease, many diagnosed by ConMed as ‘incurable’, are benefitting from homeopathy every year.

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