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Thursday, 26 April 2018

EPILEPSY. Another drug is banned - after being 'widely prescribed' for over 50 years.

Conventional medicine does not protect patients from the harm caused by its pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

Valporoate has just been banned by the UK's drug regulator, the MHRA (April 2018). Doctors have been instructed not to prescribe this epilepsy drug to any women of childbearing age, "unless they are on a pregnancy prevention programme". Doctors have also 'advised' not to prescribe the drug, also known as Epilim, or Episenta, or Depakote, for the treatment of migraine and bipolar disorder. So is this evidence that conventional medicine is protecting patients?

Hardly. The drug was discovered in 1882, and its 'anticonvulsant properties' in 1962. The pharmaceutical industry quickly obtained approval from French drug regulators in 1967 and Valproate quickly became the most widely prescribed epilepsy drug throughout the world.

So it has taken conventional medicine over 50 years to discover that Vaproate was a dangerous drug, and to take action to protect patients.

This tardiness is not untypical of conventional medicine, and their failure to protect patients. I have listed many pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that have been banned or withdrawn over the last 100 years and more. The same process is repeated, time and time again. A drug is found, it is quickly approved by drug regulators (whose main task is not to approve drugs but to protect patients from harm), used thereafter for many years, often many decades, and only accepted as 'dangerous' when this can no longer be denied. So is it possible that the conventional medical establishment did not realise that valproate was dangerous.

Hardly. The (appropriately entitled) health magazine, What Doctor's Don't Tell You (WDDTY) reported as long ago as April 2005 that pregnant women taking Valproate for their epilepsy were doubling the risk of their unborn child developing cognitive impairments.

Since then the evidence against Valproate has been building, but largely censored by the mainstream media (who have still, at the time of writing, to my knowledge, not reported the ban), and ignored by conventional medicine. So our doctors have continued to prescribe it regardless of the harm it has caused to patients. 

Doctors have been warned about the drug throughout the last 50 years - consistently. For example, on 13th October 2014 the GP magazine, Pulse, published an article "GP's advised not to prescribe valproate medicine to pregnant women"
  • There is little doubt that this dangerous drug has continued to be prescribed despite its dangers being well known within the conventional medical establishment.
  • Nor can there be any doubt that over 50 years, many pregnant women have taken this drug, on the advice of their doctor, and many are now caring for children who were damaged by the drug.
So is it just pregnant women who are in danger from this drug? Hardly. Have a look at the website (now apparently owned by the pharmaceutical industry). They have posted these warnings about Valproate.
  • This medicine may cause very bad and sometimes deadly liver problems. This most often happens within the first 6 months of using valproate injection...... 
  • Children under 2 years are at greater risk of deadly liver problems.....
  • There is a greater risk of liver failure and death in patients who have a genetic liver problem caused by a mitochondrial disorder.....
  • This medicine may cause very bad birth defects if you take it while you are pregnant. It can also cause the child to have a lower IQ....
  • If you are able to get pregnant, you must use birth control that you can trust while you take valproate injection......
  • This medicine may cause very bad and sometimes deadly pancreas problems (pancreatitis). This may happen soon after use as well as many years after use.....
Then click on the linked 'side effects' page to see the full horror story of Valproate, and remember that this is a drug that conventional medicine has been quite happy to use for the last 50 years, and only now, only in the UK, has it been banned. This happens so frequently that no-one should consider any pharmaceutical drug or vaccine to be safe, regardless of what their doctors say.

If anyone, at this moment, is taking a pharmaceutical drug, be warned. The conventional medical establishment is not there for our safety, it is there to sell drugs - quite regardless of the harm they may cause us. The drug(s) YOU are taking, at THIS moment, may be the next drug that has to be banned!