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Monday, 20 March 2017

Skin creams? Setting us on fire!

Conventional medicine is dangerous to patient health. Vaccines containing a variety of poisonous substances are injected into our bloodstream. Prescription drugs are toxic, and cause side effects that are really serious illnesses and diseases.

But what about skin creams, moisturisers? We don't ingest or inject them. We just spread them over the skin, especially for 'dry skin' conditions such as Ezcema and Psoriasis. So what possible dangers can they present to patients? Well, the BBC told us yesterday (19th March 2017) that they are leading to death, with patients catching fire as a direct result of these skin creams. They are based on petroleum-based chemicals, which are inflammable.

Using petroleum to treat skin conditions is something done safely by homeopathy. The remedy Petroleum is often used for conditions where the skin is itchy, dry, rough crusty and cracked, such as eczema and psoriasis. But of course, the homeopathic remedy it is entirely safe as the chemical has been diluted and potentized in the usual way. This is not so in conventional medicine, which believes that there has to be an 'active ingredient' in its drugs and vaccines, and even in its skin creams. Hence, the dangers of conventional medicine!

Yet the significance of this news is not what the BBC 5-Live investigation revealed, it is what the the investigation, and the accompanying article does not quite say! Read the article closely.

               "Despite warnings going back more than 10 years, BBC Radio 5 live Investigates has discovered there have been 37 deaths in England since 2010 linked to the creams."

Philip Hoe died in 2006. He was suffering from psoriasis. He was in a hospital. He would not have expected that smoking a cigarette would kill him.

               "The coroner at his inquest drew attention to the dangers posed by skin creams, and the now defunct National Patient Safety Agency advised that paraffin-based products are easily ignited with a naked flame if used in large quantities."

So what did conventional medicine do? How did they react to a death caused by the treatment he was receiving within a hospital setting?

               "The Medicines and Health Care Products Regulatory Agency later issued two more warnings, but deaths continued to occur."

Patient safety does not rate highly within the NHS. Dangerous drugs and vaccines are given to patients regardless of the evidence of danger. Drug regulatory agencies (who primary task is to protect patients, and keep them safe) fail. Hospitals fail. Doctors fail. And the 'National Patient Safety Agency' is closed down. Patients are not told about the dangers of conventional medical treatment, and they suffer!

So, 9 years later, in 2015, Christopher Holyoake dies in Leicester for the same reason. After his death the coroner "wrote to the manufacturer of E45 - outlining her concerns there were no warnings on the packaging about the product being highly flammable". Philip Hoe's death had clearly been in vain. E45 cream has been widely used since 1952. It is readily available, over-the-counter, in pharmacies. The BBC state in their article that "E45 has since agreed to include a flammability warning on some products and these will find their way onto shop shelves from next month." I have looked at the E45 website this morning. There are warnings, just promotion. They have been producing the cream for 65 years, but no still no warning!

Also in 2015, John Hills dies, in Worthing. His moisturiser was "a paraffin-based cream called Cetraben", and he smoked a pipe and died as a result. Again, the coroner expressed concerns that the dangers of the product was not widely known. He was assured that the manufacturers intended to carry out a review of the safety information included on their product packaging. I looked at Cetraben's website this morning. No warnings there either. Just promotion.

Instead, as usual, the the BBC is happy to go along with the balm. "The creams themselves aren't dangerous, it only becomes dangerous when you mix it in with other factors." Well, that's alright then!

There is also ignorance. The true scale of the problem is not known - 11 years after Philip Hoe died! 2 years after Christopher Holyoke and John Hills died. Hundred's? Thousands? Tens of thousands?

               "Until recently, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency only asked that a flammability warning be put on packaging if a cream contained more than 50% paraffin. The agency is now urging manufacturers to add a warning to the packaging of skin creams containing any paraffin."

So, MHRA is stumbling into action! Well, perhaps. Or will the problem be shelved when the media turns its attention to other investigations? After all, why should the pharmaceutical industry jeopardise a profitable product. Its business is profit. Action, in the interests of patient safety, is not profitable.

This is how conventional medicine works. It produces dangerous products. It hides the dangers from patients. Patients suffer. And nobody is prepared to do anything about it!

Post Script
Doctors have been petroleum, usually referred to as petroleum jelly, since the 1870's, when Vaseline was introduce in the USA. It is used as an industrial lubricant, but conventional medicine also uses it for nappy rash on babies skin, to heal raw noses and soothe chapped lips. It is also used in many cosmetic products, including lipsticks, and baby oils.