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Tuesday 21 March 2017

Medical Failure and Denial. Who will be first to break cover?

Conventional medicine is failing. One after another pharmaceutical drugs are falling by the wayside, with doctors, for example, no longer able to prescribe painkillers and antibiotics freely, and without reference to the damage they are causing. We are facing the medical failure of a system of medicine that has dominated health services for the last 70-80 years. Doctors have promised much over the last 100 years, but they have delivered little, except creating levels of sickness and disease (Autism, Dementia, ADHD, Diabetes, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, et al) never known before. But everywhere there is denial.

When will it end? When will the whistle be blown on the medical experimentation that has been done on entire populations with the pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that have caused so much harm and death?

The movement against conventional, drug-based medicine is growing rapidly. Just look at social media. It is full of stories about the ongoing damage being caused by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. It will continue to grow because it is based on fact, on the evidence of what is happening all around us, of increasing harm done to patients. The movement is unstoppable because conventional medicine has nothing to offer other than treatments that do not work, and devastate the health and lives of so many people and families.

Yet we might have to wait a little longer yet for the end game!

The conventional medical establishment is immensely powerful. It influences every strand of our society - politicians, governments, the mainstream media, medical science and the universities, drug regulatory agencies, not to mention the doctors and other medical personnel who are part of the 'inner' establishment.

So who is going to be the first to break cover? Who will be the first to tell us that conventional medicine has failed, and must end?

One of the problems, perhaps the most important problem, is that it is difficult for anyone who is, or has been part of, or associated with the conventional medical establishment, to break ranks, and to blow the whistle. Consider this.

  • Doctors and Nurses. These are the people who have been directly responsible for giving their patients harmful drugs and vaccines. What do they say? Sorry? I was wrong? What I have been doing for my entire career has harmed patients? I have dedicated my life to conventional medicine, and it does not work?
  • Medical scientists. These are the scientists who have tested the drugs and vaccines that have harmed and killed so many people. They have pronounced them to be both safe and effective when none of them have been either. They have been employed by the pharmaceutical industry, and, to a significant extent, they have danced to their tune. They have consistently exaggerated the benefits of the drugs they tested, and failed to spot the dangers to patients before millions have suffered. Can they really be expected to say that the much lauded 'scientific' basis of conventional medicine has been a sham? Will they admit that they have been engaged in cheque-book science, junk science?
  • Drug regulators. These are the people who have been charged with the responsibility of keeping patients safe from harmful drugs and vaccines, and they have singularly failed to do so. They should have examined the science behind conventional treatments, and closely observing the serious and harmful adverse reaction to them. Almost exclusively they have been place-men, the stooges of the pharmaceutical industry, more intent on promoting the profits of the industry rather than the safety of patients.
  • Politicians and governments. What can we expect these people to say? Over the years they have invested heavily in national health services, and increasingly in dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. They have been seduced by the investment and employment provided by the drugs industry, but turned a blind eye to the devastation the drugs and vaccines have caused to their constituents.
  • The mainstream media. The media has been, and continues to be, slavishly compliant to the messages of the pharmaceutical industry. When they have released news of a new 'wonder' drug they have announced it, loudly, from the rooftops. When evidence of harm has emerged the mainstream media has kept studiously silent, to the maximum extent they have been able to keep the information from the general public. Investigative journalism has been totally absent, especially during the last 10-15 years. So what can we expect the newspapers to say? That they got it wrong? That they promoted drugs when asked to do so by the drugs industry, and then consistently failed to inform the public about the very obvious dangers they presented to our health? That they have failed to accomplish the very first task of journalism - to keep us informed/ And for a 'public broadcaster', such as the BBC, to make these admissions could have serious consequences to their claim to be fair and impartial.
  • The Pharmaceutical Industry. And do we expect these people to say anything that might be harmful to their profits, their lucrative business, the top salaries or their top managers? It is highly unlikely. Indeed, they will continue to spend their money to ensure that they keep doctors, medical scientists, drug regulators, politicians, and the media 'on-side', whether this be through direct payments to keep them on-side, or if necessary, by downright fraud.
I thought that the 'end-game' may have come with Dr William Thompson, the whistle-blower who in 2014 admitted that the medical 'science' that said the MMR vaccine was safe, and not linked to Autism, was fraudulent. I was being over-optimistic! I have written about this situation several times here, tracing the issues, how they developed, and what has happened to it.

What happened was that politicians in the USA Senate did not pick up the story. The mainstream media, including the BBC have refused to report on it, drug regulators and medical science have neither acted or commented, and doctors and nurses continue to give the MMR vaccination to young children. In the USA politician are even trying to make vaccination mandatory!

And the Thompson situation actually makes the situation worse for the future. How will those who refused to comment and act on this situation defend themselves?

The house of cards that is the conventional medical establishment is imminently vulnerable to collapse, to catastrophic collapse. But when the collapse comes there are a lot of people and organisations who will have a lot of explained to do!