Friday, 5 August 2016

Doctors. Damned if they do, damned if they don't

I am critical of conventional doctors. It is pharmaceutical companies who produce and sell dangerous drugs and vaccines. It is drug regulators who fail to protect patients from them. It is governments around the world that connive with the profits made by the conventional medical establishment. It is the mainstream media that censors information about medical harm, and pharmaceutical corruption.

Yet it is doctors who are at the end of this line, and it is our doctors who prescribe them to us!

Do they know that pharmaceutical drugs are dangerous? If not, why not? If so, why do they prescribe them? Do they care that the drugs and vaccines they prescribe to us harm us?

Yet two articles published by the News Target website demonstrates that doctors find themselves in a cleft stick. They are damned if the do prescribe them, and damned if they do not!

The first is entitled "Paediatricians receive thousands in bonus money tied to percentage of vaccinated patients". This is the carrot! The fact that pharmaceutical bribe doctors to prescribe their drugs and vaccines is not new news. It has been known for decades. Patients should not think that the advice of their doctor is done purely in the interests of patients, or free from personal financial gain. Doctors who wish to can receive lots of 'incentives' from the pharmaceutical companies, free computers, free lunches, anything that can sway a doctor to prescribe their drugs rather than the drugs of competitors. And this revelation is just one of many, and no doubt one of many that the mainstream media will omit to tell us.

The second is entitled "Medical boards threaten the careers of doctors that question Big Pharma propaganda". This is the stick! And the stick is getting bigger. The reason is that the conventional medical establishment is under threat. It's drugs and vaccines don't work. They cause serious side effects, and they are causing epidemic levels of chronic disease and death. And they are extremely expensive. All this combined is leading to more sickness, and more costly treatment, to the extent that they threaten the very existence of national health services throughout the world.

(Shortly after writing this article, I became aware of this situation. Dr Daniel Kalb, a doctor in Pittsburgh, posted on his blog and Facebook page that he would not longer administer vaccines as he believed that there was a link between vaccines, Autism, and other neuro-immune problems. His situation has been outlined here.

          "Less than 72 hours later, the Board initiated their investigation and currently shows no signs of stopping. They are not only questioning Dr. Kalb about his statement regarding vaccines and autism, but they are investigating his treatments of patients with other immune dysfunction disorders including PANDAS/PANS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Lyme Disease."

So as a result of his questioning of pharmaceutical orthodoxy Dr Kolb is now facing huge legal fees. This is not an isolated example of conventional medical bullying.

The most dangerous animal is a cornered animal. Conventional medicine has a future only if it can keep the truth about the harm it causes from the public. The government, the drug regulators, the media have been bought. They know better than to question. But some doctors have a conscience, and some of these are prepared to speak up.

If and when they do they place their medical careers in jeopardy.

It is easier to accept the bribes, and maintain a career that has been hard won. And in addition, of course, it is always difficult for anyone, in any profession, to admit that they have been wrong, that what they have done, and have often been doing for decades, is based on a terrible mistake.

Conventional medicine, based on pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines will eventually be found out for what it has always been - an ineffective and dangerous form of medicine. It is based on a science that understands the working of the body, in minute detail, but has no understanding of the principles of cure. In the not-too distant future historian will look back at this century of pharmaceutical dominance as a massive mistake.

But in the meantime, it is up to all of us to say "No", no more drugs, no more vaccines. Just medical therapies that support and utilise our own body's ability to heal itself.