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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Colic. Homeopathy remedies help even though there is no conventional treatment

Colic is a distressing condition, not least for parents who have to watch their child in pain, often feeling quite helpless to do anything that helps with the pain. And it would appear that conventional medicine has little to offer.

Whilst researching my "Why Homeopathy?" page on childhood colic I was surprised with the lack of treatment conventional medicine could provide for babies with the condition. For instance, NHS Choices appears to be quite content to say that the condition will go away, and that as a result treatment was not usually offered. And they stated that there was no evidence that the treatment they offered was effective.

Each of my children, many years ago, suffered from colic, so I know the distress the condition can cause. Fortunately, I discovered that whilst conventional doctors could offer little, homeopathy could. I found it to be successful, treating the condition quickly and efficiently, and more than this, stopping the re-occurence of the condition after a few treatments.

Parents with babies with colic should not suffer, feeling hopeless and helpless. Certainly they should not believe what their doctors say, that there is no treatment, as most of them will not tell you about homeopathy.

Instead, click here to have a look at my childhood colic page on "Why Homeopathy?", and see if there is a remedy appropriate for your child.