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Friday 13 February 2015

Health Freedom, Patient Choice. Why does our media not discuss this issue?

Thomas Jefferson once wrote this about Health Freedom. 

          "If the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny".

So did he foresee, over 200 years ago, what is now happening today, throughout the world?

Did he foresee the pharmaceutical medical establishment set on imposing drugs and vaccines on us, whether we want them or not?

Most people will assume that, as patients, we are able to freely choose what treatment we accept, and what treatment we decline?

Most people may assume that the conventional medical establishment respects our rights to Health Freedom, and to Patient Choice, and are interested only in our health and well-being.

But is health freedom actually and seriously under threat? And is it under threat, most of all, in the USA, the land of freedom, the country Thomas Jefferson did so much to establish?

Below I am attaching a number of articles about Health Freedom, 
and the threats that now exist to Patient Choice.
These are not isolated examples of forced medication.
It is happening throughout the world.

Medical Mafia calling for gunpoint quarantines of citizens who refuse vaccinations.

Parent get $800k over warrantless search and removal of homeschool kids who were not vaccinated.

National media wages psychological terror campaign against Americans to set stage for government destruction of medical choice.

You won't believe which big-name groups are opposed to flu vaccine mandates

Is mandatory pediatric chemo institutionalized child abuse?

Forcing chemo on a 17-year old is deadly, research reveals.

Doctors who question vaccination are being forced out of medicine.

Vaccine pusher trying to revoke all religious and philosophical exemptions to vaccination.

Back to school vaccine. Know the risks and failures

Changes need for US vaccine policy to protect human and civil rights

Canadian parents outraged after school official vaccinate their children without consent.

New petition announced to close 2 loopholes allowing forced medication and quarantine.

Australia. Health Freedom outlawed. Health Fascism warning. A taste of future for citizens of other nations?

New South Wales government seeks unprecedented power to censor and punish health activists and practitioners.

Bloomberg unleashes mandatory vaccination of children.

HPV Vaccine debate. Don't ask! Don't tell!

Children in danger as an easy target for forced medication

Children taken away from parents to receive forced vaccinations.

And there are many, many more articles on the internet outlining the attempt of the conventional medical establishment, led by the Pharmaceutical industry, to force us to accept their treatments.

Yet, our mainstream media, quick enough to protect their own freedom, is steadfastly refusing to engage in this important health debate. 

They would rather, it would seem, allow conventional medicine to have an exclusive right to our bodies, and dominate the medical debate. And because conventional doctors believe that 'they know best' what is 'right for us', they insist that all drugs and vaccines are safe, and that we should all be taking them.

The silence of the so-called 'Free Press' demonstrates not only that they have been siding with the powerful conventional medical establishment, but also willing to stand to one side whilst our health freedoms are taken away from us.