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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Health Freedom in Britain. Mary Kidson

The threat to our basic human freedoms is most pronounced in the sphere of health, where the conventional medical establishment is trying to impose their drugs and vaccines on everyone, regardless of whether they want them or not. I wrote about it only a few days ago in a blog entitled "Health Freedom, Patient Choice. Why does our media not discuss this issue?

This article demonstrated that the threat to Health Freedom was a world-wide phenomina, but that concern focused particularly on what was happening in the USA. Yet the case of Mary Kidson demonstrates that conventional medicine is quite willing to ride rough-shod of our freedoms in this country.

Mary's story can be simply stated, and what has happened to her and her daughter can be found via a web search. There was an excellent feature on her case on Channel 4 News last night (18th February 2015) by Ciaran Jenkins.
  • Mary felt that her teenage daughter had a health issue. Although 14 years old she had not reached puberty, and she was constantly and chronically tired.
  • Her doctors disagreed, and told her that there was nothing wrong with her.
  • Mary disagreed, and did an internet search, where she found a Belgium doctor, who thought she had Chronic Fatigue, and recommended hormonal treatments.
  • The doctors accused Mary of inventing her daughter's problems, and told her that she did not need hormonal treatment, and was poisoning her. She was charged on 3 counts of 'unlawfully and maliciously administering drugs, endangering life, and inflicting grievous bodily harm'.
  • The Belgium doctor, Dr Thierry Hertoghe, who appeared on the Channel 4 feature, said that he was quite amazed that the matter was escalated, and the matter reached the courts. He said that in Europe "this could only happen in the UK". At the time he described the situation as a mess, and urged reform to give people the right to choose their doctor without fear of prosecution.
  • On 5th March 2013, Mary's daughter was removed from her, and placed in local authority foster care.
  • When Mary sought to keep in touch with her she was arrested and spent the next 6 months in prison. 
  • Mary Kidson was tried, and cleared by a jury after a three-week trial at Worcester Crown Court in October 2014.
  • Despite this, her daughter, now 16 years old, remains in local authority care!
Although there has been media coverage, both at local and national level on this situation, the Health Freedom aspects of the case have not been sufficiently highlighted. What we have here is a mother who is concerned about her daughter's health, who sought other opinions when her local NHS doctors told her there was not problem.

Was Mary Kidson expected just to accept this?

Was disagreeing with the opinions of NHS doctors, and eliciting a second opinion, sufficient grounds for removing her daughter from her care? Was it sufficient to insist that she had no contact with her daughter? Was it sufficient to throw the mother into prison?

The conventional medical establishment in Britain clearly thought that it was! In their arrogance, they insisted not only that they were right, and that the mother was wrong, but that solely based on their interpretation of the evidence, the daughter should be moved from her care, and the mother placed on remand in prison.

This situation is not unprecedented in Britain. I have commented, in another blog, about the case of Ashya King, whose parents found themselves at the centre of an international manhunt when they  removed him from Southampton General Hospital because they believed NHS treatment would have left the five-year-old deaf, blind and brain damaged. I said this in my blog about Ashya's case.

          "So this situation can and will happen again, unless and until we begin challenge the arrogance of the conventional medical profession, and the monopolistic ambitions of the Big Pharma drug companies. We can be certain that they will continue to insist that we all take their dangerous drugs and vaccines."

The medical profession appears to be alone amongst professions in believing that they have a monopoly of understanding and insight into the issues that affect our lives. Teachers don't do it. The police don't do it. Social work staff don't do it. But our doctors do, regularly, and there appears to be a reluctance to challenge their 'expertise'. Certainly, the mainstream media generally conforms to conventional medical opinions. So, in these cases, did social workers, the police, and the courts.

Even 'Liberty' turns a blind eye to this medical arrogance, which some people have described as 'medical fascism'! The organisation claims to champion our human rights. On their website, Shami Shakrabarti is quoted as saying, 

          "Liberty campaigns for civil liberties and human rights in the UK. Our members have been holding the powerful to account, changing the law and making the news for 80 years

But not, it would appear, if our civil liberties, and human rights, concerns our ability to choose our own medical treatment, and to refuse treatments the NHS tells us that we need!

All of us have a responsibility to stand firm against the conventional medical establishment. If we do not do so, and soon, mandatory vaccines and drugs will soon be part of our reality. And many of us will find ourselves incarcerated because we believe we have a right to 'Patient Choice'.

Incidentally, all the major political parties in Britain support the concept of 'Patient Choice' in medicine. Perhaps they all need to make it a reality in this country!