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Friday, 31 January 2014

Beta Blockers kill 800,000 patients in 5 years!

"Beta Blocker drugs are well tolerated".

This is what my doctor told me in May 2007, meaning that they have few side-effects or adverse reactions. I wrote a blog about this here in 2010, and this is what I wrote at the time.

"Now, Beta Blockers have been found to cause fatal heart attacks, alongside SSRI drugs like Proxac, and Cox-2 pain-killers (research conducted by University of Rochester, New York, and reported in the magazine What Doctors Don't Tell You, April 2010). So I was being offered the usual ConMed deal - swop an illness with a more serious disease, and perhaps even death".

I declined the 'deal', and fought for homeopathic treatment instead. Now my heart palpitations are a thing of the past. Had I not done so it is more than likely that I would still be taking these drugs.

What concerned me at the time was that the NHS were not telling patients about the DIEs (disease/death inducing effects) of their drugs, or perhaps not even aware of them, even though Beta Blocking drugs had been around since the early 1960's.

"I will leave you to decide which is worse - that they (doctors) know about the DIEs and don’t tell us; or they don’t know or understand the workings of their own drugs after several decades!
Now, new research (mentioned in this WDDTY article, click here, and taken from the European Heart Journal (but quickly withdrawn apparently), demonstrated that Beta Blocker drugs have caused 800,000 deaths in just 5 years - including 10,000 from the UK alone.

"Patients undergoing surgery are routinely given a beta-blocker in order to reduce stress on the heart—but the research that led to the adoption of the practice was falsified, and doctors reckon that 800,000 people have died as a result.

The problem started following trials conducted by Don Poldermans, a cardiovascular researcher in Holland, who was later sacked for 'scientific misconduct' in 2011, as he was: 

"…careless in collecting the data for his research. In one study, it was found that he used patient data without written permission, used fictitious data and that two reports were submitted to conferences which included knowingly unreliable data."

Polderman's study had been used as supporting evidence for the use of beta blocker drugs in patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery. Alone this would have been bad enough - falsified evidence about drugs leading to patient harm. 

But it took the European Society of Cardiology two years from the Polderman scandal to withdraw the beta blocker recommendation. As the Mercola article says:

"This is absolutely scandalous as nearly a half of a million people died unnecessarily due to the delay".

It would seem that within the conventional medical world patient safety comes a poor second to so-called 'scientific' research whose purpose is to recommend drug use for commercial Big Pharma profit! And even when fraud is discovered, patient safety appears to come a poor second to attempts to cover up that the fraud and corruption that appears to be rife within the conventional medical establishment.

In short, it would appear that the Conventional Medical Establishment is quite unable to protect patients from drug harm, and situations like this raise serious questions about their willingness and commitment to do so. 

I also find it quite incredible that the mainstream media never seems willing to tell their viewers, listeners and readers this kind of information. The media appears to place patient safety in second place to the financial interests of their main advertisers, and financial supporters.

I also find it quite difficult to understand why our government, and our politicians, appear to place patient safety in second place to Big Pharma investments in our economy, and goodness know what other financial incentives used to obtain compliance.

Silence from the NHS is perhaps more understandable. The NHS has become little more than a monopoly distributor of Big Pharma drugs and vaccines, its doctors no more than sales staff, tasked to distribute them to us - quite regardless of the harm they do.