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Monday, 16 May 2011

More pharmaceutical drugs causing more problems

More webpages outline the problems taking Pharmaceutical drugs. They just keep finding out the disease-inducing-effects of these awful drugs.

This study shows that people taking NSAID painkillers (many, many millions of people throughout the world) run the risk of getting heart disease - and dying. And this is so even with short-term use.

This report from Reuters refers to long-term studies linking Diabetes drugs with bladder cancer.

This popular painkiller (sold over the counter, I believe) is now linked with blood cancer.

And last, but not least, what about Aspirin? Surely nothing wrong with this (apart from destroying the lining of our stomachs)! Well this has now been linked to Erectile Dysfunction!

The mayhem caused by ConMed drugs, and the profits accumulated to Big Pharma, just continues. I have seen none of these mentioned in the mainstream media. This means that we are being let down by our government, the ConMed establishment, including our doctors, and the media.