Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Do GPs know the harm drugs cause but just don't bother to tell us?

It would seem that our doctor's/GPs know something about their medicine that they are not prepared to tell us!

New research suggests that when faced with a choice of treatments, doctors often choose a different option than they recommend to patients. The research was published on 11th April 2011, in the 'Archives of Internal Medicine'.

          "It's a pretty clear message: There's a discrepancy between what doctors recommend to their patients and to themselves," said Dr. Timothy Quill, author of an accompanying editorial in the journal.
Most people were aware that during the most recent (ConMed engineered) panic about Avian Flu that about 60% of GPs were not prepared to have the 'flu jab they were routinely recommending to patients. So perhaps they know something about the DIEs (disease-inducing-effects) of the drugs they recommend to us - but aren't prepared to tell us.
The misinformation about health stems from Governments, Drug Regulatory agencies, the Big Pharma drug companies, the NHS, the mainstream media (who refuse to tell us the truth); but at the end of this shameful process, it is GPs who have given us the toxic drugs that have caused such harm to our health for so long.
This makes the right of patients to choose the medical therapy of their choice more vital than ever. Patient choice is an important part of the UK government's health policy. We now have to ensure that they actually implement it. Patient's are not just looking for medicine that makes them better. They are looking for medicine that is safe.