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Friday, 15 April 2011

Violence and Pharmaceutical Drugs

Antidepressants are not the only drugs known to cause violence. The anti-smoking drug Chantix, or Champix (depending on where you live) has also been linked to more than 100 reports of suicide, and 400 reports of violence. 

The drug users were associated with 18 times the number of cases of violence than an average person. Because of these reports, the FDA obliged the manufacturer, Pfizer, to put a 'black box' warning on the drug. This is what the FDA said about the drug.

          “Chantix has been linked to serious neuro-psychiatric problems including changes in behaviour, agitation, depressed moods, suicidal ideation and suicide. The drug can cause an existing psychiatric illness to worsen or an old psychiatric illness to recur and the symptoms can recur even after the drug is discontinued.”

ASH, the anti-smoking organisation, with links to Big Pharma, recently recommended smokers to use this drug, and the Big Brother Watch website has brought my attention to this situation.