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Friday 8 April 2011

Antidepressants. Drugs to avoid?

The dangers of antidepressant drugs have  been know for a long time. ranging from suicide (yes, a drug for depression causes some people to commit suicide), sexual dysfunction, and much more. Now new research has indicated that drugs like Prozac thicken arteries, and can cause strokes and heart problems.

Yet doctors continue to prescribe them, in ever increasing amounts. In the UK, GPs have increased antidepressant drug use by nearly 50% in the last few years. This was announced by the BBC in its news broadcasts yesterday, on Radio and Television. Yet, as usual, the BBC did not mention these DIEs (disease inducing effects); so yet again, the British public is not informed by the mainstream media!

Many people, an increasing number, are looking for safer more effective therapies, and homeopathy is certainly one of these. See, for example, this great website, which contains several individual testaments to the efficacy of the use of homeopathy with people suffering depression.

But it is not just homeopathy, there are lots of alternatives to the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs. See, for example, the following website

Just with any other health condition, there are always safe, more effective treatments than pharmaceutical drugs. Unfortunately, the BBC isn't telling you this!