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Thursday 12 August 2010

Superbugs and Antibiotics

News about a 'new' superbug in the UK is beginning to emerge, a bug which cannot be treated by even the strongest antibiotic drugs. See, for example,

News is emerging at the same time that government ministers are now considering whether to ban antibacterial drugs from  being sold 'over the counter' - because of the public health dangers of rising antibiotic resistance.

The NHS and conventional medical doctors have been overprescribing antibiotics for many years, and apparently continue to do so. One reason is that doctors know they have a drug that works, and which for decades, they have thought to be entirely safe.

But you cannot set out to attack/block/inhibit the body, as all pharmaceutical drugs do, without the body having to respond. Nor can you seek to try to attack bacteria, living naturally within the body, and helping to sustain us, without the bacteria fighting back - as they are doing.
So Conventional Medicine is rapidly losing yet another battle - and this one for one of the drugs it has always presented to the public as proof of its effectiveness.