Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Drug Company ethics, and Media silence!

Drug companies are being sued for $ billions in the USA, because of the harm that they are doing to patients. Now one drug company, Pfizer, is being sued by a union pension fund, saying that directors should be liable for the company's continued violation of federal laws. Pfizer have recently had to pay $2.3 billion as a result.

Glaxo-Smith-Kline has also had to pay out more than $1 billion because its antidepressant drug, Paxil, has caused in over 800 cases for causing birth defects.

As Dr Mercola states

"Pfizer not only made repeated violations of federal laws when illegally marketing their drugs, they did so knowingly in what is being called 'a calculated bet that the negative consequences of getting caught would never become significant'"

In the UK, their gamble with our health appears to have paid off. The mainstream media here does not report this news. Our government does nothing about the practices of the drug companies. And NHS doctors just continues giving us the drugs, as if they were helpful and safe.

Drug companies are playing games with our health in the interests of their profits. They do not appear to care about patient health. And they seem to have so much influence over governments, and the mainstream media that nothing is ever done about it.

The Failure of Conventional Medicine.