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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Regular Headaches? Pharmaceutical Drugs are a massive cause, and good for repeat business!

I crashed my DIEs website at the weekend! I was writing a new page on the adverse drug reactions known to cause headaches, and migraines. First, I was amazed at how many pharmaceutical drugs caused headaches. Then I found a page on the Right Diagnosis website that produced a list of 2,796 substances that are know to cause headaches. Most of these substances were pharmaceutical drugs! So I copied these on to the page, tried to save it, and the programme crashed! Eventually I found that the page was just too long, the programme was just too long.

It was a temporary problem. The page is now up and running, with all 2,796 drugs listed!

Since beginning to write this book on DIEs (the Disease Inducing Effects of Pharmaceutical Drugs), which now has over 50 illness, I have been amazed not just by the amount of damage drugs can cause to our health, but the amount of evidence there is to support the fact that they do so. In the main, this is evidence that is kept from us.

Yet writing this particular page, on headaches, it clearly demonstrated something else. What a brilliant business the pharmaceutical industry is!

When we get a headache our usual response is to reach for the painkillers. So a condition that is so often CAUSED by a pharmaceutical drug is usually treated by ANOTHER pharmaceutical drug.

So we have then taken two pharmaceutical drugs, each one providing its own side effects, and combining together to produce more!

Those side effects, which are not just 'headaches', or a 'dry mouth', but can become serious diseases like arthritis, allergy, anxiety and depression, cancer, confusion and dementia, epilepsy, heart and kidney failure, pneumonia, and much else.

And when we contract these serious illness, conventional doctors presents us with more drugs. So whilst the pharmaceutical industry gets richer, we get sicker. And as we get sicker, our National Health Service finds that it cannot cope, and year by year has to demand more money, more resources. These resources are spend on more drugs, more vaccines, making them even richer, and us even sicker, and the NHS closer to bankrupcy.

And this is then all blamed on an ageing population! People like me, I suppose, someone in my 70's, who has not received any conventional medical treatment since he was in his late 20's! It is homeopathy that helps me when I get ill. It has cured my gastric ulcers, my heart palpitations, and my migraines, and done all this WITHOUT side effects, and without making me sicker.

But then homeopathy has always been a lousy business! Instead of making people sick, and creation more business, it makes patients well, it cures them. And they no longer require us. It is a really bad business model - but great for patients!