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Friday, 26 January 2018

The Treatment of Sore Throats

Doctors have been instructed not to prescribe "precious antibiotics' for people with sore throats. Instead they should recommend painkilling drugs like aspirin and paracetamol. These new guidelines have  been produced by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) who said, quite correctly, that most sore throats were caused by viruses so cannot be treated by antibiotics. Despite this, NICE has calculated that antibiotics are prescribed in 60% of sore throat cases!

  • What does this mean? It means that doctors have been prescribing drugs to us that do not work! 
  • Why have they done so? They have had nothing else to offer us! And they have even less now!
  • Why is NICE recommending painkillers? They might temporarily relieve some of the pain, but they DO NOT treat the condition.
  • Why does NICE also recommend the use of throat lozenges? The NHS Choices website states quite clearly that there is not evidence that these work!

Conventional medicine is keen that their 'precious antibiotics' should not be prescribed unnecessarily. NICE stated that the overuse of antibiotics is making infections harder to treat by creating drug-resistant superbugs. People are becoming resistant to antibiotics, which means they no longer work. They said that patients needed rest rather than antibiotics! Again, this is true, it is always best for people to rest when they feel unwell. But this does not disguise the fact that conventional medicine has not treatment for the condition!

Fortunately homeopathy CAN treat sore throats effectively. There are a number of remedies used regularly by homeopaths for over 220 years that are known to work, and are entirely safe. I have outlined both the paucity of conventional treatment, and the remedies that homeopathy can offer on my 'Why Homeopathy?' website.

So what causes sore throats? According to NICE in their guidance they are mainly caused by either bacterial or viral infections. Yet one of the biggest, if not the biggest cause of sore throats is closer to the home of conventional medicine - pharmaceutical drugs. When writing about the causes of sore throats on my "DIEs. The Disease Inducing Effects of Pharmaceutical Drugs" website, I found a website that outlined nearly 400 substances, mainly pharmaceutical drugs, that were known to cause sore throats.

So it would appear that conventional medicine has discovered many drugs that can cause this condition, but absolutely no drugs that can treat it!

Is this the definition of a useless medical system?

It is the reason for the ongoing failure of conventional medicine, and the current crisis of the NHS? Is this not the predictable outcome of a medical system that can create disease, but cannot cure it?

I hope everyone is now looking for an effective, safer alternative for their medical treatment!