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Monday 9 January 2017

Autism and the Amish community

Is Autism caused by vaccines? The conventional medical establishment has been denying the link vehemently for many decades, not least during the last 10 years. Yet the debate continues, whilst the autism epidemic rises. Only 60-70 years ago, before vaccines were introduced, autism was virtually unknown!

So, perhaps I can make a suggestion to medical scientists. Do one of you randomised control tests (RCT's)! Select a group of people who refuse to have their children vaccinated, and another group who want their children to be vaccinated. Do everything you need to do to 'match' the two groups. Then compare the outcome. How many refusers children develop Autism? How many vaccinated children develop Autism? And then accept the evidence! It should be conclusive, one way or the other. The mystery of the emergence of this new disease will have been resolved!

The problem is that the outcome is already known, the study has already been conducted. In the USA, where most children are vaccinated, about 1 in 50 can now be expected to become autistic. But the Amish community has always refused vaccination. They form are close community of people who remain 'vaccine free'.

And the result of this 'informal' study is, indeed, conclusive. There is no autism within the Amish community. This Natural News article reminded me about the Amish community, and their autism free children. It stated this.

               "Take a little trip to the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country and try to tag yourself even half a dozen Amish children with autism and you’ll come up short. If statistics matched our national average, there would be about 200 in the Amish community, but to date, there are only three, one of which was adopted and brought over from China...... Another one actually did get vaccinated and developed autism shortly afterwards."

The conventional medical establishment will never allow any such experiment! They will deny the evidence provided to us by the Amish community. They will refuse to replicate this evidence in a properly constructed RCT trial, even though they claim that their medicine is 'scientific' because of the evidence such trials provide. Actually, they only want evidence that supports their drugs and vaccines, not evidence that informs us that they cause illness and disease.

The Natural News always gives another statistic - that children who receive mercury-containing vaccinations (thimerosal) are 27 times more likely to develop autism than unvaccinated children. The statistic comes from a recent study based on the data provided by the CDC (the 'American Centres for Disease Control and Prevention')!

Anyone thinking of having a vaccination, any parent thinking of vaccinating their child, should consider this information. 

They should also read this article on Autism published by TruthWiki, and new internet encyclopaedia, like Wikipedia, but without the ties to conventional medicine, and the pharmaceutical industry!

And in case you are wondering whether Autism is the only disease generated by vaccination, note that the Natural Health article also informs us that the Amish community is also virtually free of cancer and heart disease too!