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Wednesday 27 July 2016

Homeopathy Works. But there are medical fundamentalists who continue to deny it!

There are two major issues appertaining to our health today, and this blog seeks discuss and answers both.
  • How can we protect patients from the damage caused by conventional medicine, a form of medicine that is dominant within the UK's NHS, and most other health services throughout the world.
  • With conventional medicine, dominated as it is by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, failing badly, how can we ensure safer and more effective alternative therapies become available to patients?
Yet there are people who continue to deny that these are issues, I call them medical fundamentalists, or homeopathy deniers, people appear to be oblivious both to the harm pharmaceutical drugs cause to patients, or that patients need to have access to medical therapies that do not harm them.

Recently I put out two Twitter messages that have attracted another hostile reaction from these people.
  1. "Vaccines blamed for alarming increase in seizures in children. 1 in 20 children under 5 now suffer from epilepsy." The tweet referred to this VacTruth article.
  2. "Homeopathy dramatically more effective in preventing, treating Whooping Cough (so why bother with the DPT vaccine?) The tweet referred to this Natural News article.
Normally I ignore these kinds of comments, which I receive on a regular basis. Some of what they say is no more than a series of mantras, repeated ad nauseam. Much of it is mere counter-assertion, without supporting argument. Some of it, as you will see, is abusive. None of it has any content that requires consideration, thought or discussion. They insist that:
  • Drugs and vaccines are safe and save lives. 
  • Failure to take drugs and vaccines causes death. 
  • Alternative therapies do not work.
But occasionally it is important to highlight them, if only to illustrate what these fundamentalists have to say, which is usually less than nothing! Here are just some of the remarks generated from the two tweets mentioned above.
  • "And that's bullshit as well. Homeopathy has never cured anything, and anti vaccine lies kill children."
  • "... is that just vaccines blamed for it by anti-vaxers, or have some real scientists given an opinion?"
  • "LIAR.  Con man. Quack."
  • "Scrutton’s Law applies again. Wrong & laughed out of the room. Also, Scopie’s Law re: that site."
  • "Erm... because some of us care about what's happening in reality?"
  • "And the evidence to support that being a pageful of pathetic anecdotes? Laughable tripe, Steve. As ever."
  • "This kind of BS is the reason why pertussis still kills, you babbling cockwomble."
  • "Natural News" - enough said."
  • "Disclaimer: based on a pre-WW2 anecdote from one individual, and never been repeated, verified or published."
These are not isolated examples, and if you want to see more, I have blogged on what these people have had to say, when their personal attacks have been particularly hostile.
The word 'fundamentalist' is now applied to many groups, mainly religious groups, who refuse to observe, and seek to understand, what is happening in the world, and what people are experiencing in their lives. All such groups oppose any discussion of the issues, and they support old, and outmoded beliefs, and way of life.

Medical fundamentalists demonstrate, by what they say, that they are not scientists, nor do they have any interest in science as they often claim. They have to close their eyes to so much empirical evidence, for instance, that homeopathy has been working for patients for over 220 years, that modern pharmaceutical drugs are harming patients, et el. Indeed, they have to ignore so much that I wrote this blog underlining all their many and varied 'blind' spots. 
Why do they do it? They are part of the obfuscation the conventional medical establishment places before us.
  • They do not want us to know that pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are only marginally effective. 
  • They do not want us to know that pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are damaging us, and causing epidemic levels of chronic disease through 'side effects'.
  • They do not want us to know about how inept, and often corrupt, medical science has become, and how it no longer protects patients from harm.
What these medical fundamentalist say can only be understood when it is recognised that conventional, drug based medicine is failing, and that an increasing number of people throughout the world are beginning to understand this. This is generating desperation throughout the entire conventional medical establishment, at all levels. 

Yet medical fundamentalists are not important. They have nothing significant to say, and certainly nothing to say that will convince anyone that pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are safe, and that patients do not need alternative therapies, such as homeopathy. Essentially, they are a small group of people, talking mainly amongst themselves.

Whilst the fundamentalists have been making all these remarks, my original tweets have been 'liked' and 'retweeted' many times. This means that more people are receiving the message, and each time the message gets across, more people are able to make an 'informed choice' about their health.
  • Do I take this drug or vaccine, because my doctor is recommending that I do?
  • Or do I refuse to take it because it might cause me harm?
Only when patients are able to make this kind of informed choice can there be any real patient choice, only then will there be proper health freedom. If you want to join this movement, follow this blog, and follow me on Facebook and Twitter.