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Friday, 15 April 2016

Meningitis. Caused by antibiotic drugs?

Were you aware that patients with meningitis are twice as likely as to have taken antimicrobial drugs (that's both antibiotics and antifungal drugs) within the year before diagnosis than those without the disease? If not, I wonder if we will ever be told?

The research, undertaken at King's College, London, and published in the British Journal of General Praactice, also found that patients with meningitis were four times more likely than those without a diagnosis of meningitis to have taken antimicrobials in the week preceding diagnosis, while patients who had been prescribed more than four antimicrobial prescriptions in the previous year were almost three times more likely to contract meningitis than controls.

Well, if we haven't been told by our doctors, or informed by our media - which we haven't - it is not because doctors and the media do not know about this research. The doctors e-magazine, Pulse, published details of the research on 11th April 2016. It stated that the conclusion of the research was that the study provided "another reason for caution in antimicrobial prescribing in general practice".

This was a substantial study which compared antimicrobial prescription in over 7,000 bacterial and viral meningitis cases with nearly 30,000 controls. It thought that antibiotic and anti fungal drugs may disrupt 'the body’s natural microbiome to facilitate meningitis'.

Yet, as usual with anything to do with the conventional medical establishment, balm is then thrown on to the flames. It might be that those who take the drugs are more susceptible to contracting meningitis!

It is this type of thinking that allows pharmaceutical companies to continue to sell drugs, regardless of the potential dangers.

The study itself states that "the size of that association merits further investigation". What this usually means is that without further study the drugs will continue to be given to children, regardless of the dangers of contract meningitis, and that as the study findings might be replicated, the pharmaceutical industry will not fund any future investigation.

Our doctors are under increasing pressure to reduce the prescription of antimicrobial drugs (because of growing antimicrobial resistance), especially resistance to antibiotics. And the problem is that conventional medical has no alternative to them.

There are alternatives to antimicrobial drugs, including antibiotic drugs. They are homeopathic treatments. But the conventional medical establishment, including our doctors, and the mainstream media steadfastly refuse to tell anyone about this. The sooner parents become aware, and start looking at the alternatives to pharmaceutical drug treatment, the safer their children will be.