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Thursday 3 September 2015

Paul Morgan. An Angry Homeopathy Denialist

I don't usually respond to anything that Homeopathy Denialist have to say on matters of health, because usually they have little to say - apart from denial and abuse!

Paul Morgan frequently responds to my tweets, and he is not usually the most abuse. But this morning I awoke to several responses, and it is interesting to outline his position - as far as I understand it, of course!

1. In response to my blog on Tetanus, which compares the homeopathic and conventional treatment of this condition. Paul's response is just per abuse.

     "Stupid, idiotic, downright dangerous. You should be ashamed for promoting such dangerous, bad advice".

Homeopathy has, of course, been treating Tetanus, safely and effectively for many years, and you will note the complete lack of any explanation about why people should not be aware of treatments that are alternative to conventional DPT vaccination, with all its known risks and dangers. There is no answer, and no answer required.

2. So on to my tweet highlighting the webpage entitled "The Eight Best Homeopathy Treatments for Psoriasis". Homeopathy has, of course, been treating Psoriasis safely and effectively for many years, and as conventional medicine has few effective treatments, and no safe treatments, it presents an alternative for those people suffering from the condition. Paul's response is just pure denial.

     "…..are all equally useless identical sugar pill placebos".

In order to say this Paul has to be in denial himself - he has to deny the experience of millions of people who have been cured of Psoriasis over the years, throughout the world, and he has to deny even the growing evidence of randomised, controlled tests that have demonstrate that homeopathic remedies are must more than 'sugar pill' or 'placebo'.

3. In response to my blog, "The Mustard Gas Experiments 1941-1942. Homeopathy works! So just ignore it!" Paul reverts to simple abuse again, but this time, abuse about a blog that contains the evidence supporting what actually happened over 70 years ago.

     "Utterly deluded nonsense".

Paul, of course, fails to explain which of the events are 'utterly deluded', and what is 'nonsense'. But this is typical of homeopathy denialists, they have little to say, little to contribute to the debate, so they just revert to denial.

4. Yet it is this response that demands most attention. Here, Paul actually does seek to make a case - to his eternal credit. It is in response to my retweeting of the dire status of Health Freedom in the USA, and some exchanges I have had recently with Americans who have seen for themselves how forcing pharmaceutical drugs on citizens is damaging the health of so many people in that country. I commented:

     "I can't believe Americans know this is happening, and aren't out on streets protesting and demanding health freedom!"

Unusually for Paul, and denialists generally, he suggests that mandatory vaccination is consistent with health freedom.

     "Vaccination gives health freedom - from preventable, dangerous, life-threatening diseases. Herd immunity civic duty".

So let's dissect his argument. It is an interesting idea that forcing people to take drugs and vaccines can actually enhance their freedom! We must suppose that people are so stupid that they will not act for themselves, in their own best interests, following a good reasoned, and fact-supported case in favour of pharmaceutical drugs. Government has to force people to protect themselves. Government know best. The individual should not be allowed to make up his or her own mind on the basis of the information they have on the subject. It is an interesting idea about the nature of freedom, and indeed democracy.

So in what way are people benefitting, what are they being freed from? How is mandatory vaccination benefitting us? It is freeing us from preventable, dangerous, life-threatening diseases. There are so many assumptions here. They are all assumptions that support the position of the pharmaceutical industry, and they can be quickly dismissed.
  • Preventable? In order to argue this Paul has to ignore the growing evidence that vaccines, and other conventional drugs are not preventing these diseases, and never have done.
  • Dangerous? The dangers of many of the illnesses for which there is a vaccine has had to be hyped in order to exaggerate the importance of having the vaccines. Most of them are not dangerous at all. Some of them were dangerous but are no longer dangerous (and haven't been for many decades prior to the introduction of vaccines). And it is well known that the 'adverse reactions' to pharmaceutical drugs are now more dangerous, and real, than the condition for which they have been given.
  • Life-Threatening? As stated above, most of the diseases for which there is a vaccine are not dangerous, leave alone life-threatening. And the drugs and vaccines supported by Paul, and other pro-big pharma supporters, are now on their way to becoming the most important factor in causing death.
And lastly, we come to the concept of 'herd immunity', something that Paul describes as a 'civic duty'. Gosh, a civic duty!

Most people want to avoid contracting illness and disease. Most people use the conventional drugs and vaccines they are offered by their doctors, as they believe it is the only alternative. So they go to their doctor, and get the drug, or the vaccine. They do so on the basis that conventional medicine has treated them, and that they are now safe, they will not contract the disease. The problem is that many people DO contract the disease! So how is this explained?
  • People who get measles, or polio, or other diseases for which they have been vaccinated, have not, in fact, contracted these diseases. It is a different disease, with a different name! The 'new' disease may have the same identical symptoms - but it is not the same disease.
  • And people who contract measles after vaccination do so because other people have not been vaccinated! The whole 'herd' has to be vaccinated, otherwise even the vaccinated are at risk!
So what does 'herd immunity' mean. It means that people who have been vaccinated are not safe, because other people have not been vaccinated! It means that in order for a vaccine to work, everyone has to be vaccinated! It means that everyone has to be vaccinated in order that each individual can be safe. It is an argument for the mandatory drugging of entire populations.

So 'herd immunity' is good for pharmaceutical profits. And we are all expected to go to our doctor to have his drugs and vaccines, regardless of the known consequences of taking them. And even when we take them, and risk the harm involved in doing so, we cannot assume that we are safe, unless everyone else does the same. We have taken all the risks, but to no avail!

Some people, and a growing number of people, want to avoid the risks and dangers of conventional medical treatment, and decide instead to use medical therapies that are both more effective, and safer. It is these people that Paul dislikes so much, and is so abusive towards via Twitter. But basically, Paul, I don't give a damn! You are welcome to use any form of medicine you want to use. I will not. And I will continue to recommend to other people that there are safer and more effective medical therapies And that mandatory (forced) medication is against our health freedoms.