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Wednesday 19 August 2015

Superbugs. Homeopathy is proven to work - treating like with like.

Conventional medicine has caused many diseases through the side effects of their toxic drugs. Not least amongst these diseases are the result of antibiotic drugs, and the superbugs they have generated. Not least amongst these superbugs is Clostridium difficile.

C. difficile infections cause diarrhoea and fever. It has been estimated that every year it causes 29,000 deaths in the USA alone, but of course, it is ravaging populations in conventional hospitals around the world, so the annual death toll is much greater than this.

The C. difficile bacteria takes over our gut when conventional antibiotic drugs kills off the bugs that normally live there!

If that is not bad enough, the only treatment conventional medicine has been able to offer is more antibiotics! Their warfare against our bodies appears to know no boundaries. As so often said in this blog, our doctors not only create disease, but they have no answer to the disease they cause!

Yet is this about to change? Has conventional medicine found a more effective treatment?

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has recently published information about a new treatment for C. difficile, and according to a BBC article, published on 6th May 2015, it is  causing considerable interest within the conventional medical establishment. So what is this new treatment?

The deadly Clostridium difficile infection is treated with a dose of more C. difficile!

As the BBC article explains it, the aggressive version of the bug in replaced by their 'friendlier cousins', and the result was that repeat infections were cut dramatically.

So the conventional medical establishment has, yet again, stumbled upon the principle of homeopathy (treating like with like), and they have found it to be successful. There is, of course, no attribution to the use of homeopathic principles.

I wrote a similar article in January 2014 about the treatment of peanut allergy was treated by using very minute portions of peanut.

It is pleasing to know that the conventional medical establishment is beginning to stumble upon homeopathy, even if they are not aware of doing so, as yet. As their drugs and vaccines are seen to be causing more harm and disease to patients, they are having to look for something safer and more effective - and this will almost inevitably draw them towards homeopathic treatment.

Yet, don't expect a sudden, 'Road to Damascus' conversion. There is still much resistance to the idea of the safety and effectiveness of homeopathy. This was demonstrated to me when I tweeted the BBC article, some weeks ago, and the answer I received from Richard Stelling, @rjstelling.

Please DO NOT read this response if you are in any way sensitive, or interested in the health outcomes of medical treatment.

     "You Sir, are a fucking idiot. That has nothing to do with your notions of magic water".

This is not, of course, the considered response of the conventional medical establishment, or indeed the response of anyone interested in discussing health issues in a sensible, open-minded or honest way. People like Richard Stelling often attack me in personal terms, using similar language, and I usually ignore them, completely.

Yet this particular remark does demonstrate the amount of anger and resistance that can be generated by the discovery of 'successful' and 'safe' treatments; if and when these treatments highlight the failure of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

So what this research, and the peanut allergy treatment demonstrates is that whilst pharmaceutical drugs cause disease, they have no answer to the treatment of these diseases. The future of health treatment lies with homeopathy, or with treatment that adopt homeopathic principles. It might take a long time to persuade the 'Richard Stelling's' of this world, but they, of course, are quite at liberty to continue accepting conventional drugs and vaccines.