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Wednesday 25 September 2013

The Flu Vaccine that causes Narcolepsy? Pandemrix.

It is strange to see a Pulse article (a GP internet magazine) stating that whilst the government has at last agreed that the Pandemrix flu vaccine causes Narcolepsy, the drug manufacturer, GSK, says that "its causes are not yet fully understood". So the cause is admitted. But then they are not understood! The full quote is:

          "Patient safety is our number one priority and we are actively researching how narcolepsy is triggered and how this vaccine might have interacted with other risk factors in affected individuals. We hope these ongoing research efforts will enable us to provide more answers".

Ahhh! So the flu vaccine is not the whole story! It has 'interacted with other risk factors'! They continue:

          "Narcolepsy is a complex disease and its causes are not yet fully understood but it is generally considered to be associated with genetic and environmental factors, including infections. We remain committed to pursuing additional research to understand the association between Pandemrix and narcolepsy and continue to support the research of others who are investigating reported cases".

Well that sounds better. Doesn't it? The disease is associated with infections, and genetic and environmental factors. And the nice drug company is doing research in order to understand what is happening, no doubt on our behalf.

Meanwhile, I must assume, GSK (and the manufacturers of other flu vaccines) will continue to promote and sell, and doctors will continue to prescribe Pandemrix to patients until such time that no further prevarication can be accepted!

It is always the same. A drug or vaccine is found to cause a serious disease, usually worse than the disease it is supposed to be treating, but the Conventional Medical Establishment seeks to defend and to justify itself, and the Media is happy to relay the ConMed apologies for the damage they do, regularly, consistently, routinely.

See, for example, this BBC apology for the harm caused by the MMR vaccine. This article dates back to August 2010, when compensation was paid to a family after a long campaign following the damage done to their son - a normal child prior to the vaccination, but now, as a teenager, subject to

          "frequent epileptic fits, is unable to talk, stand unaided or feed himself, but is not autistic".

And interesting, unsolicited comment that last one - "but is not autistic". He probably didn't have diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and a variety of other diseases - but we are specifically told - he did not have autism!

But look at the rest of the article, written in defence of the MMR vaccine (seen so often in BBC journalism, and mainstream journalism generally) - totally compliant with the interests of the Big Pharma drug companies, and the opinions of the Conventional Medical Establishment.

So despite the risks, the MMR vaccine is still imposed on us.

And the BBC continues to do so, as this article from 25 September 2013 demonstrates. It reports that Antidepressant drugs have been 'linked' with type-2 diabetes', but spends most of the time emphasising that "there was no proof that one necessarily caused the other".

          "It may be that people taking anti-depressants put on weight which, in turn, increases their diabetes risk, the team told Diabetes Care journal".

Or it might be that the drug may interfere with blood sugar control! But whilst this intellectual discussion continues, unresolved, antidepressants are still be given out to children (and adults) like sweeties!

What is clear is that there is no 'fail-safe' mechanism at work with conventional medicine.

Drugs and vaccines are prescribed to us. Reports and warnings about the adverse reactions, and the creation of diseases they cause, come along - but they continue to be prescribed, regardless of the consequences to patients. Medical 'science' has to prove the link first, and whilst this might take years, even decades, in the meantime, the patient suffers.

If we suspect that a car, or a washing machine, or any other sort of product is unsafe, they are recalled. Or modifications are made. Or parts are changed. SOMETHING is done.

When conventional medicine puts our health at risk NOTHING is done. Patients suffer, they contract serious disease, often they die. But the drug or vaccine continues to be given to patients, and is withdrawn or banned only when the cause is absolutely proven, and can no longer be doubted.

So what about Narcolepsy? It is a disease that has been known about for some time, so vaccines are certainly not the only cause. But once it was an extremely rare disease. Now, it is one of those diseases that is becoming more prevalent - like dementia, diabetes, arthritis, and a host of other diseases that are now at epidemic proportions.

Conventional drugs and vaccines have almost certainly played an important role in creating these epidemics of once uncommon diseases.

So if flu vaccines are triggering a new epidemic this should be good enough to produce a response from the regulatory agencies. It almost certainly will not be! This is not a new insight into the consequences of these vaccines. It has been reported time and time again, and still nothing has happened - except that our government, and the NHS, and our doctors, continue to promote them, without telling us about the evidence against them.

Risk of narcolepsy in children and young people receiving AS03 adjuvanted pandemic A/H1N1 2009 influenza vaccine: retrospective analysis - indicating the the British Medical Journal is aware of the problem, and has reported it.

Over 700 children develop Narcolepsy after flu vaccination - to indicate the number involved.

Flu vaccine causes 1400 percent increased risk of Narcolepsy - to indicate the likelihood of another major epidemic, caused by conventional medicine, if something is not done to withdraw or ban this vaccine.

Evidence grows for narcolepsy link to GSK swine flu shot - an article that says more than 30 million people in 47 countries during 2009-2010 received Pandemrix, and 795 people in Europe reported Narcolepsy. It also states that it has not been used in the USA.

Flu vaccine linked to high risk of narcolepsy in those under 30 - indicating that it is not only children who are at risk.

Formerly healthy, energetic boy still suffers from extreme narcolepsy two years after getting swine flu vaccine - to demonstrate the personal and family tragedies cause by the flu vaccine.

The flu vaccine is linked with many other problems too, which will be dealt with in a later blog

And, as we have seen, if we are waiting to hear the truth about Pandemrix, and flu vaccines generally, from our mainstream media, including the BBC, we are likely to be waiting in vain!