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Friday, 2 August 2013

Healing Broken Bones with Homeopathy

The healing of fractured Bones
Broken or fractured bones need immediate medical attention to ensure that the bone is properly set. But whilst you are waiting for this to happen you can take the remedy Arnica (at 30c or 200c) to help with the immediate shock, pain and bruising. This can be taken frequently after the accident, every 30 minutes if necessary.

Once the bone has been properly set, Homeopathy has two other brilliant remedies to assist healing.

Calc Phos
Calcium and Phosphorus are the two main minerals needed for building healthy bones so this remedy is well indicated for speeding up the healing process following a fracture. You can start taking it, on a daily basis, as soon as the broken bone has been properly knit. 

Additionally, for people who have weak or brittle bones, and are prone to fracture, this remedy is also useful as a preventative measure.

A remedy made from the herb, Comfrey, which was once more commonly known as Knitbone. As the old name implies, it has been known for centuries that this can be helpful in fractures, or broken bones. What a pity this ancient knowledge has been forgotten by conventional medicine!

Symphytum 30c can be used daily for two to three weeks after the bone has been set, as an alternative to Calc Phos.

But I am also aware that some people have alternated the two remedies rather than taking just one.

Lots have people have been surprised at the speed that their bones heal, often up to 1/3rd of the estimated time they are given by the hospital.

Do you remember that David Beckham nearly missed playing in the World Cup because he broke a metatarsal in his foot some weeks before the competition started. He was considered 'doubtful'. But he played in England's first game - because he took one of these remedies (I believe Symphytum).