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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Why Homeopathy?

Most people, when they are unwell, go to see their NHS GP. In most other countries, patients usually see a conventionally trained doctor. The outcome is that usually they leave the surgery or hospital with conventional treatment, usually pharmaceutical drugs.

Rarely, if ever, are they told about alternative medical treatments, like Homeopathy, and how these might treat their illness. Indeed, conventional doctors are not qualified to give such advice. They are trained in their discipline alone, although many will seek to dissuade patients from having anything other the conventional medical treatment.

Yet more and more people, thoughout the world, are turning to alternative therapies, such as Homeopathy.

Often, perhaps too often, the reason for doing so is negative. Patients have found out that pharmaceutical don't work, or that they pose dangers, side-effects that are actually new diseases. Often people just want to avoid it conventional medical treatment, often at any cost.

It is only later that they discover the benefits of their decision - that Alternative Medical Therapies, like Homeopathy, are far more effective, far safer, and much less expensive medical therapies.

Yet, the choice of Alternative Therapies, especially Homeopathy is, and should be, a positive choice for patients. If more people were more aware of the dangers of Conventional Medicine, and more people were aware of the benefits of Homeopathy in the treatment of all illnesses, they would be better able to make an 'informed' choice about the medical therapy they wish to use for their illness or condition.

This is the purpose of my new website, Why Homeopathy?

This website looks at individual illnesses and diseases, and compares Conventional Medical treatment with Homeopathic treatment. It has arisen from three factors:

1. In line with Government's policy on 'Patient Choice', "No decision about me without me", there are a growing number of people, and patients, who want to choose the medical therapy they prefer.

2. The failure of the NHS to provide comparative medical information of this kind, and the almost total domination of the Conventional Medical Establishment within the NHS, means that it is very difficult to obtain this information.

3. The growing misinformation campaign, and the attacks being made on Homeopathy by members of the Conventional Medical Establishment. This ranges from Homeopaths being called 'witches' by the British Medical Association, and the oft-repeated mantra of Homeopathy Denialists, in the pay of Big Pharma drug companies, that 'there is no evidence' for Homeopathy.

The new 'Why Homeopathy?' website can be found here, and the number of illness covered is increasing gradually.