Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Anatomy of an Epidemic - Mental Illness

Have you read Robert Whitaker's book, "Anatomy of an Epidemic; magic bullets, psychiatric drugs and the astonishing rise of mental illness in America"?

* For anyone taking psychiatric drugs, this book is a must read.

* For anyone who suspects Big Pharma, and the Conventional Medical Establishment, is not being honest in what they tell us about drugs, and our health, this is a must read.

My e-book "The Failure of Conventional Medicine", raises similar questions, and provides similar evidence about ConMed, and covers a far larger range of illness, disease and their relationship to Big Pharma drugs. It raises the inevitable question: why have we devoted huge resources to ConMed drugs yet face an epidemic of chronic diseases, such as arthritis, diabetes, heart, liver, and kidney disease, et al? And the evidence is that as our consumption of pharmaceutical drugs have increased, so too has the incidence of these diseases.

A medical system that is supposed to be making us better is, in fact, making us sick, and even killing many of us!

Whitaker's book looks at the evidence linking psychiatric drugs, including antidepressants, with the exponential rise in psychiatric illness. It is a brilliant analysis.

* It shows how psychiatric illness have reached epidemic proportions in the USA (an epidemic mirrored almost exactly here in Britain).

* It shows has this rise is linked to the psychiatric drugs that have been sold to us as 'magic bullets'

* It demonstrates the corruption that is rife within the ConMed Establishment, whose focus appears to be  profit rather than health.

* It shows how regulation has failed, and how the mainstream media has become subservient to the messages of Big Pharma corporations

* It highlights the national tragedy of the mental health epidemic with the devastating tragedy of individual lives, maimed and destroyed by psychiatric drugs

I urge everyone who is interested in health, and concerned either with their own health, or the health of friends and family, to read this book, and indeed, to read my e-book. If you believe that conventional medicine (the medicine we get whenever we see our doctors, or go to a hospital) is seeking to make us  better, these two books will raise serious questions, and ensure that you ask your doctor some very serious and searching questions before undergoing any of their treatments.