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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Can homeopathy treat any illness?

Homeopaths are often asked this question, and the answer is usually 'Yes. If, together, we can find the right remedy for the patient'. See my e-book, "Why Homeopathy?"

The ability of homeopathy to treat any condition rests with the ability of the homeopath to find a substance (and make a remedy from it) that causes 'similar symptoms' to the illness. Homeopaths don't need a conventional diagnosis - just the symptoms of the illness or ailment. This makes homeopathy a remarkably flexible therapy.

I have gathered together here article about the homeopathic treatment of a multitude of illnesses, to indicate the diversity of the illnesses it can treat.

Labour and Childbirth. The top 14 remedies used in pregnancy and childbirth outlined.

Chicken Pox. Useful quick guide, referencing the main remedies used to treat the condition.

Crying Babies (a great article, with remedy pictures).

Alcoholism. This is a study into the treatment of alcoholism using homeopathy, and it shows that one remedy was particularly useful.

Hayfever and allergies.

The winter blues (SAD).

Psoriasis. A study looking at the value of homeopathic treatment.


Crohns Disease. Interesting case, and information about treating Crohns with homeopathy.

Diabetes Mellitus.

The Menopause.
The Menopause (2).

Warts and all!

And if you have multiple health problems. Look at this article, and see one man's experience; where conventional medicine did little, and homeopathy much!

And this is just a very small collection of articles on homeopathy, and what it can treat - there is much more!