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Monday, 5 December 2011

Failure of Conventional Medicine. Is Big Pharma too big to fail?

But increasingly, it is the policies and strategies of government that seek to force us to 'take the medicine' - whether we want to or not.

So even when the truth is being kept from us, many people still find out, and sensibly, say 'No' to the Conventional Medicine's urgent desire to drug us all!

However, the Conventional Medical Establishment continues to try to prevent this information getting out - but clearly they are not succeeding. More and more people are realising that drugs and vaccines, given to us in the interests of health, are actually making us ill, and causing disease and death.

So what is happening that we are not being told about? What are the health issues that are not being discussed openly, transparently, honestly with patients? Here are just a few stories you won't see in the mainstream media, or be allowed to discuss with your GP!

Statin drugs cause diabetes and muscle damage? Not new news, but yet another potential danger of this drug we have been told is 'entirely safe' for decades! Yet, quite, remarkably, doctors are still telling themselves that Statin drugs are good for us! So there will be little enlightenment from that quarter of the Conventional Medical Establishment!

However, the licence for the drug Zigris, has been withdrawn. No-one else is to be prescribed the drug, and those people taking it have to be taken off.

Avastin, a drug for breast cancer, has, at last, after 4 years, been withdrawn by the FDA, who now describe it as useless and dangerous. But as this article explains, doctors can still prescribe it 'if they feel like it'. Quite amazing really. Where is patient protection? Where is drug regulation?

Yet the most alarming news, which has drawn little attention from the mainstream media, concerns more popular, widely used, over-the-counter drugs. Paracetamol overdose has now been found to be fatal - even if taken at recommended levels. It has  been found that only a slight overdose can cause multiple organ collapse, and death. In fairness, and most unusually, the BBC did cover this story; but only with a balm that sought to cover the real seriousness of the situation. It said that

          "an MHRA spokesman said the changes were not made because of safety concerns. He said the aim was to ensure children got the right dose for their age".

That's all okay then!

So are we heading for another Vioxx? WDDTY believe that we might be. Taking pain killers (because we believe them to be safe, and are not informed otherwise) is becoming more and more common.

So what is the reason for us being kept in the dark, about painkillers, and other Big Pharma drugs? Why is is that enforced medication, especially in the USA, continues to increase? The reason seems all to simple, and to use a phrase analogous to the recent Banking crises:

Big Pharma is too big to fail. 
Somehow, we must be encouraged to continue taking the drugs.
Regardless of what it is doing to our health!