Monday, 14 November 2011

The Failure of Conventional Medicine (4)

Big Pharma does not want you to know about the damage their drugs and vaccines cause to our lives. 

Instead, they want us to keep taking the medicine. regardless of the consequences. They seem intent on maintaining their profitability, regardless of the human consequences. The conventional medical establishment, including most GPs, also refuse to tell us about the dangers of the drugs and vaccines they prescribe to use

This is a must-see internet article, which includes 3 videos: it is entitled 'What Vaccines can do to normal, healthy children'.
Drugs cause disease (as well as death), and there are many well-known examples of this. But with vaccines, this evidence can be dramatically witnessed. Child Health Safety have recently published an article that features 3 videos, prepared by parents who saw their 'normal' children permanently damaged shortly after taking vaccines. How does Big Pharma, and its apologists respond. Often with silence. Often with dismissal - that these cases are 'anacdotal'. Often with denial - there is no evidence linking the drug/vaccine with the result. And often with over-emphasising the seriousness of the illness the drug/vaccine is supposed to overcome. Rarely, unless seriously cornered, is Big Pharma, or the ConMed Establishment that supports it, prepared to remove the drug/vaccine in the interests of patient safety. So watch these videos, and see whether you agree with the parents - or the medical authorities!

Children who have been vaccinated have been found to have from 2 to 5 times more diseases and ailments than unvaccinated children. I have been told that this research is 'not sound' - to which my response is -why is the ConMed Establishment not doing its own research on the impact of vaccines on the health of our children. And of course, rubbishing 'negative' research is a regular part of Big Pharma's defence when they are accused of making us sick.

But regardless of the quality of some studies on the harm caused by ConMed drugs, the suspicions remain. Not least, the link between vaccines and Autism. This article suggests that vaccinated children are 20 times more likely to become Autistic. But the article does much more than this. It looks at the evidence for an increase risk of Allergies, Asthma, Hayfever, ADHD, middle-ear infections, and Sinusitis - and in each finds that vaccinated children fare worse than unvaccinated children.

Avandia is another drug that has cause massive problems. Recently, one Big Pharma company has paid out $3 billion in settlement for the way the drug was developed and marketed. Basically, they knew that this drug caused heart disease - but did not tell anyone. Note that this is a Reuters (News Agency) report. Yet the news has gone almost unreported in the mainstream media, who apparently don't consider that the safety of patients is something that should concern them. This is not unusual. There is a steady stream of litigation in the USA courts, regularly handing out heavy fines to Big Pharma companies. And mostly, they remain unreported. ConMed is failing - but we are the last to hear about it. To quote Reuters, who outlines some of these cases:

               Since 2000 the number of industry settlements with U.S. states and the federal government has soared as authorities have taken an increasingly tough line on practices that may have put commercial goals above the interests of payers and patients, such as marketing drugs for unapproved uses.
Psychotropic drugs cause psychosis and death? This category of drug includes Prozac, Paxil, Ritalin, Haldol, Risperdal - and many more. They are known to cause heart attacks, diabetes, and sudden death, whilst on the mental side, they are known to cause insomnia and anxiety - but are also implicated in suicide, and violence - including murder amongst 'traumatized combat veterans.

Prostate cancer drugs can spur the growth of prostate cancer cells? Hearing about ConMed drugs that exacerbate the very condition they are given for is, unfortunately, not unusual. This article is, apparently, very topical at the moment - with a 'moustache growing' campaign currently in operation to develop awareness of prostate cancer. Is this a good thing? Well, not if the money raised through charitable donations go towards developing more dangerous Big Pharma drugs! Or, indeed, raising the profile of prostate cancer on the basis of a medical scare story. What is becoming clear is that prostate cancer is contracted by most men over the age of 50, and that most of them will outlive it naturally. Taking ConMed drugs, it would appear, is the way to ensure that you don't!

Another thing to beware of is that many health charities raise money to donate to Big Pharma specifically for the development of new drugs. And most of these charities get major funding from Big Pharma companies as a result. So before supporting any medical charity, first find out its connections with such powerful vested commercial interests that have profit, rather than your health, as their primary objective.

And we should not expect that the drug regulators will stand up to protect patients from dangerous Big Pharma drugs. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) are currently facing a fraud investigation. This article is taken from the appropriately named organisation "What Doctors Don't Tell You" - and of course, we are unlikely to hear about this from doctors, the NHS, the Department of Health, the government. The diabetes drug, Mediator, had been on the European market for 33 years. It was withdrawn in 2009, after being implicated in about 2,000 deaths. Yet the problems associated with the drug, it caused fatal heart problems, had been known about for over 10 years. The EMA was formed in 1995 to harmonise drug regulation in the EY. You will not be surprised that 80% of its funding comes from the Big Pharma companies.

Another regulatory agency, in the USA, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been found to have deliberately manipulated and covered up the relationship between Thimerosal in vaccines and Autism. In 2003, the journal Pediatrics, published a study from Denmark that observed a significant decline in autism rates following the elimination of Thimerosal in vaccines. "But thanks to the CDCs corrupting influece, the published version of the study ....  actually claimed the opposite, and alleged that removal of Thimerosal brought about an increase in autism rates". It would appear that anything is possible within the world of Big Pharma drugs and vaccines, and that the only casualty are the patients who take these drugs without having full information about them.

But this is not the only problem facing the CDC at the moment. There is an investigation into how this government backed organisation is spending US taxpayers money. "Although the CDC's main mission is supposed to be to prevent disease, a shocking investigation from Congress claims the profiteering agency has been squandering hundreds of millions of your tax dollars on Hollywood scripts, posh fitness clubs and amenities, parties and more".

And the former head of CDC, Julie Berberding (2002-2009), who was removed from her $250,000 post by President Obama, moved straight into a post with the Big Pharma giant, Merck, on a salary of $2,500,000. This article from Tim Bolen states that Berberding re-organised the CDC to help promote vaccines. If so, it appears to have been a profitable move for her. Berberding's other claim to fame, apparently, was that she refused to respond with full disclosure following a Freedom of Information request - which apparently would have revealed that the CDC knew about the dangers of vaccines many years ago.

Given all this, it is perhaps little wonder that it can take decades before the dangers of the drugs and vaccines we are offered are fully known. For instance, Amalgam contains mercury, and dentists have been putting this most-toxic of all poisons in our mouths for many decades now. How many of you have amalgam fillings in your mouth? Probably, most of us, especially if we visited the dentist during the 1970's and 1980's, when dentist were paid according to how many fillings they gave us! So whilst it is good to hear that there are signs that in the USA, amalgam fillings may soon be banned. Amalgam has been around for over 3 decades - and whilst moves may be afoot to ban its use in the the USA, in the UK there appears to be no such movement.

So how can the patient ensure that he or she is is safe, and not taking dangerous Big Pharma drugs? The answer becomes clear with just a little thought. Are we likely to be told by Government, the Department of Health, the NHS, or our own GP? Are drug regulators actively regulating drugs in the interests of patients?Are we likely to be warned about dangers of drugs and vaccines by the mainstream media? Are the drugs we are being prescribed today likely to be any better than the drugs we were taking 10 years ago, and which are now banned?

The answer, of course, is an emphatic 'No' to all this. Which can lead us to only one proper conclusion. We are all better off refusing to take any Big Pharma's drugs and vaccines, and instead, to look for safer alternatives.

The e-book, 'Failure of Conventional Medicine'.