Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Rise, Fall and Rise of Jacques Benveniste

There have been many scientists who have looked into the working mechanism of homeopathy, and whether it is possible for a substance so heavily diluted in the process of homeopathic potentization, to actually work

Benveniste was one of them, who came up with the idea of the 'memory' of water, and set about to test the hypothesis. He was a 'real' scientist; that is, he was a scientist with an open and enquiring mind. He was not a scientist of the 'Sense about Science' kind, committed to little other than disproving something that is a threat to their paymasters, the Big Pharma companies, who fund SAS, and the host of homeopathy denialists of follow them.

Benveniste suffered because he pursued his science, lost his career, and eventually his life. He was undone by fraudsters masquerading as anti-fraud scientists. His work has been assessed in this film, a film that demonstrates the lengths that Conventional Medicine, and Big Pharma will go in order to discredit those they see as opponents to their business, and their trade in toxic, disease-inducing, and often, lethal drugs.


It is a 30 minute film, well worth the time to see.