Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Nightingale Collaboration

Florence Nightingale was a user of homeopathy. She was a patient of James Manby Gully, who she called a 'genius'. She worked with homeopathic nurses in the Crimea. And she advised her sister to see a homeopath for an illness that ConMed had made worse, and asked her mother to try homeopathy for her father's eye condition. She wrote this of homeopathy, in her 'Notes on Nursing', published in 1859.
          Homeopathy has introduced one essential amelioration in the practice of physic by amateur females for its rules are excellent, its physicking comparatively harmless–the “globule” is the one grain of folly which appears to be necessary to make any good thing acceptable. Let then women, if they will give medicine, give homeopathic medicine. It won't do any harm”
For further information on her connection with homeopathy, see
and also Dana Ullman's Book. "The Homeopathic Revolution: why famous people and cultural heroes choose homeopathy".

Strange, then, that the Nightingale Collaboration should select her name to attack homeopathy!

The opponents of homeopathy are often not very bright! It becomes very clear, when you read what homeopathy denialists say and do, that they know little about homeopathy, or its history. In their attempts to support ConMed, they wallow in their own ignorance. And long may they do so!