Thursday, 21 October 2010

Cancer is a modern, man-made disease

This is more evidence that cancer, like many diseases now at epidemic level in our society, is man-made. In my view, Pharmaceutical drugs are one the most significant causes of these epidemics.

'What Doctors Don't Tell You' have reported

that cancer is primarily a man-made disease, "caused by pollution, diet and our modern lifestyle." Why ConMed drugs were not included in this list is strange; we know well enough that so many of them cause cancer.

This claim has been made by researchers studying Ancient Egyptian and Neanderthal mummies and fossils (published in Nature Reviews Cancer, 2010; 10: 728-33).

           "The researchers from Manchester University found just one case of cancer in their extensive investigations.  They also disputed the standard medical view that cancer is more prevalent today because we live longer; they discovered many older mummy remains, which showed other signs of ageing common today, such as osteoporosis and hardening of the arteries".