Monday, 12 April 2010

They don’t want us to know how good homeopathy is!

In the London borough of Haringay, Gill Turner, a teacher and a qualified homeopath, was asked to start a small homeopathic clinic in a new children’s centre attached to the school. After much hard work preparing the venture, she eventually opened a 'non-profit-making' clinic, and immediately attracted considerable interest from both parents and support staff.

However, after 3 weeks she was told that the clinic had to be closed - as 3 school governors had threatened to resign unless if did. A reporter from the Guardian got hold of the story, contacted the council, who supported the closure of the clinic. Gill, a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths, told me:
          “All I've tried to do is to help families who would otherwise be unable to access complementary health. I'm upset that they will lose the facility, and angry that such a tiny group of influential individuals can make decisions that affect hundreds of people in the community without any kind of democratic process".

Clearly, the clinic constituted some sort of 'threat' to some influential and powerful vested interest. Strange indeed, for such a safe and effective therapy to cause such a reaction. But this kind of reaction to homeopathy is getting more common, not least, efforts to close our homeopathic hospitals.

Obviously, they just don't want us to know how good homeopathy is!